Notice of Position: External Advisory Circle

Business and Structure

InBC Investment Corp. (InBC) is a strategic investment fund with $500 million to invest in companies and venture capital funds to generate financial returns and achieve social and environmental benefits for the people of British Columbia. InBC has been established to provide a source of local and long-term capital for small and medium-sized businesses, placing and managing investments that support businesses and sectors that advance a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive economy in British Columbia.

The InBC Investment Corp. Act (InBC Act) establishes the purpose and governance structure of the corporation; as well as specifying the independence of investment decision-making. The InBC Act established InBC for the purpose of making investments that achieve both a financial return, and support the social, economic and environmental policy objectives of the government.

Strategic Direction

InBC provides a source of local and long-term capital for small and medium-sized businesses, placing and managing investments that support businesses and sectors advancing a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive economy in British Columbia.

Investment decision-making is guided by an approved Investment Policy Statement (IPS)1 for InBC. Any investment InBC makes considers the investment’s ability to provide a return on investment and generate a profit, strength of connection to B.C., risk profile including environmental, social and governance (ESG)2 risks, and alignment to one or more of our impact objectives.

InBC has defined four investment impact objectives in the IPS. These impact objectives are:

1) Driving climate action: Investing in solutions towards net-zero emissions and a climate resilient economy;

2) Advancing Reconciliation: Investing in solutions that strengthen partnerships and generate economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples;

3) Elevating inclusive communities: Investing in solutions to improve outcomes for under-represented people and communities; and,

4) Innovating for the future: Investing in innovations and industries for future economic growth.

Vacant Position(s)

For October 31, 2024, there are up to three vacancies on the External Advisory Circle. The following experience and qualifications are being sought for the position(s) currently under consideration:

Diversity and Inclusion

People from all regions of our province are invited to apply. Consideration will be given to qualified individuals with a broad range of backgrounds in investment and business environments. The selection process will recognize lived experience and volunteer roles as well as paid employment and academic achievements.

We are committed to supporting individuals that represent the diversity of our province. Indigenous applicants, people of colour, all genders, 2SLGBTQIA+ and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Experience and Qualifications

Basic requirements:

  • B.C. resident;
  • Financial literacy3

Specific experience and qualifications:

InBC is seeking candidates with a range of skills and experience. InBC hopes to recruit Advisors with any of the following priority skillsets:

  • Experience in venture capital, private equity, impact investing, venture fund investing and / or angel investing.
  • Experience with investment due diligence and risk evaluation.
  • Experience with valuation of early-stage companies, putting together term sheets and / or setting deal terms.
  • Experience participating on boards of private companies and / or experience working with companies in a downturn.
  • Experience as an entrepreneur or operating experience / Experience developing innovative products and services.
  • Experience with organizations that work to support entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Experience imbedding ESG frameworks, and impact measurement and management into investment processes.
  • Sectoral expertise relevant to InBC’s impact objectives and investment areas.

Role and Responsibilities


The purpose of the Advisory Circle is to provide InBC’s investment team with advice and support for due diligence of investment opportunities; the Advisory Circle will not be responsible for making investment decisions. Advisory Circle members must act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of the corporation. They must exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent individual would exercise in comparable circumstances.

InBC’s full governance model can be found in the InBC Act.


The primary responsibilities of the Advisory Circle will be to support the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) by:

  • Providing industry insights on market outlook and investment strategies.
  • Advising on potential areas of risk specific to an individual investment, and/or across the portfolio.
  • Advising the CIO and investment team on information pertaining to specific sectors, regions and demographics.

Time Commitment

The Advisory Circle meets once a month, and meetings are generally up to 2 hours in length. Advisory Circle members are expected to be available to meet during working hours. Meetings take place virtually via Microsoft Teams and/or at InBC’s office in Vancouver.


Terms may be up to 36 months.


The InBC Advisory Circle is compensated by an annual retainer of up to $3,450 and hourly meeting fees of up to $43.

Process for Submitting Expressions of Interest

You may submit an Expression of Interest by completing the required online form and submitting your most recent resume by July 26, 2024.

1 InBC’s IPS is a key accountability document for InBC which establishes the parameters for investing and includes: impact objectives, risk tolerances, constraints and reporting requirements. The complete IPS can be found in the corporate reports section of the InBC website.
2 ESG is a framework for integrating and assessing environmentally and socially conscious factors in opportunities – environmental refers to stewardship of the natural environment; social refers to people and relationships; governance refers to responsible management. InBC is following the lead of the provincial government and will align with their ESG standards as they evolve:
3 In this context, “financial literacy” means that the applicant has the ability to read and understand a set of financial statements which present a breadth and level of complexity of accounting issues that are generally comparable to the breadth and complexity of the issues that can reasonably be expected to be raised by a company’s financial statements.