InBC Invests in Edge CDN Company Netskrt Systems

May 1, 2024

InBC has committed a $3 million investment into Netskrt Systems, a technology company using content delivery network (CDN) and edge caching solutions to bring high-quality, on-demand and live streaming to underserved and difficult to reach areas.

Netskrt’s proprietary technology, positioned at the extreme edge of computing, is enabling high-quality content streaming in difficult to reach areas with limited internet access, such as remote and rural communities and onboard trains and airplanes. The company’s edge CDNs, which free up internet bandwidth, are also helping to improve the overall quality of internet access for communities.    

“This financing marks a significant milestone in Netskrt’s journey, affirming investor confidence in our vision, team and opportunity for significant growth. The Netskrt eCDN uniquely enables streaming subscribers to view content at the highest quality, in locations ranging from the urban, rural or remote neighbourhoods to 30,000 feet in the air.”

— Siegfried Luft, CEO & Co-founder, Netskrt Systems

Netskrt is meeting the increased demand for content streaming. It is working with rural internet service providers, content providers and the air and rail industries to provide on-demand and live streaming to wherever customers are located. Based in Vancouver, it is supporting technology jobs and contributing and retaining intellectual property in British Columbia (B.C.).

In addition to the potential for financial returns, this investment aligns with InBC’s impact objective to innovate for the future and digitize industries for economic growth in B.C.

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