InBC is investing for the future by supporting opportunities that will deliver meaningful and measurable impact for British Columbia. 

Through our direct and indirect investments, InBC is supporting and accelerating social, climate and financial outcomes for British Columbia.

Impact Highlights

*Based on the latest available reporting data.

Portfolio Impacts

InBC’s portfolio is supporting the following impacts:


B.C. companies invested in directly and via portfolio funds


B.C. employees supported*


R&D spending by B.C. companies*


Total investment raised by B.C. companies*


InBC has invested in companies and venture funds aligned with our impact objectives and with strong connections to B.C.


Capital committed


investments innovating for the future


investments driving climate action


investment advancing reconciliation


investments elevating inclusive communities

Team Diversity

The teams in InBC’s portfolio are comprised of employees self-identifying as:







InBC Investment

InBC has defined investment themes that align to each impact objective. This will be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary based on changing market needs and conditions.

Driving climate action

Investing in solutions towards net-zero emissions and a climate resilient economy.

Investment areas
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Decarbonization technologies
  • Sustainable food and agriculture
  • Circular economy
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Innovating for the future

Investing in innovations and industries for future economic growth in B.C.

Investment areas
  • Future of work readiness
  • Industry digitization and innovation
  • Biotechnology and life sciences
  • Sustainable and resilient supply chains
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Advancing reconciliation

Investing in solutions that strengthen partnerships & generate economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in B.C.

Investment areas
  • Advancing economic opportunities
  • Financial access and inclusion
  • Indigenous health and well-being
  • Indigenous innovation
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Elevating inclusive communities

Investing in solutions to improve outcomes for under-represented people and communities in B.C.

Investment areas
  • Health and well-being for diverse communities
  • Care economy
  • Inclusive and accessible products / solutions
  • Equitable access to quality education
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Our Approach – Theory of Change

InBC’s vision is to catalyze a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive future for British Columbia. This impact will be achieved by deploying capital to drive innovation in B.C. using a triple bottom line approach, guided by four impact objectives – advance reconciliation, drive climate action, elevate inclusive communities and innovate for the future.

InBC’s work will build upon and add to existing efforts of the provincial government and organizations across the province to advance the economy in three main areas:

Increasing availability of local capital based in B.C.

Actively supporting companies and venture funds with a strong connection to B.C.

Investing with long-term timelines aligned to big visions and triple bottom line objectives

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