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InBC invests in venture funds that make investments aligned with our people, planet, profit objectives.

Empowering Change Through Strategic Investments

At InBC, we believe in the power of collective impact. Our investment strategy extends beyond individual companies to include venture funds that share our commitment to driving positive environmental and social change while achieving sustainable financial returns. Through this strategy, InBC can support companies at different stages of growth to widen our impact.

Why Partner
With InBC?

For venture funds, an InBC investment offers:

Patient Capital

We make initial equity investments of approximately $5 million to $10 million; investing with a long-term horizon for expected returns to allow you to maximize financial and impact goals.

Values Alignment

With InBC, you get a partner that understands the value of both profit and impact as part of your investment thesis.

Long-term Collaboration

We’re here to establish a resilient ecosystem and meaningful partnership with opportunities for follow-on capital, co-investments and deal-flow sharing.

Our Investment Criteria

The Types Of Partner Funds We Are Looking For

InBC is investing in venture funds that share our objectives and criteria for advancing:

Potential for financial returns

We take into consideration the strength and experience of a fund’s management team, differentiated investment strategy, track record, and/or other factors indicating high potential for financial returns.

Alignment to one or more impact objectives

We invest in venture funds that align with one or more of InBC’s impact objectives and show intention to define and measure impact.

Strong Connections to BC

We invest in funds committed to investing in B.C. companies, and with notable deal flow and decision-makers based in B.C.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks

We assess a fund’s ESG practices and policies (or roadmap to developing ESG practices and policies) within its portfolio, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

2024-25 Priorities: We are currently focused on these areas of investment but will consider all opportunities. Our priorities will evolve as we progress our strategy.

Let’s Make Positive Change Together

Are you a venture fund aligned with our vision for a prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future? We invite you to explore partnership opportunities with InBC.

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