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InBC makes direct equity investments into early-stage private companies aligned with our people, planet and profit objectives.

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At InBC, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with scaling a business. As you embark on your Series A or subsequent funding rounds, we’re here to offer more than just capital. Our commitment is to be your strategic partner in positive growth towards financial, environmental and social objectives.

Why Choose InBC?

Capital to Scale Growth

InBC makes equity investments alongside other investors that range from $3 million to $10 million.

A Patient Investor

InBC understands building a business takes time, and will consider a longer time horizon for realizing financial returns.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our extensive ecosytem of industry experts and mentors. InBC provides not just funding, but valuable insights and advice to navigate the complexities of scaling up.

Strategic Alignment

We invest in companies sharing our long-term vision for sustainable and inclusive growth rooted in B.C.

Our Investment Criteria

Is Your Company a Fit?

To be considered for investment, companies should demonstrate:

Potential for financial returns

We take into consideration the strength and experience of the management team, the strategic direction of the company, unique product differentiation and other factors that indicate high potential for financial return.

Alignment to one or more impact objective

We invest in companies that align with one or more of InBC’s impact objectives and show intention to define and measure impact.

Diverse sectors and regions

We are looking for companies in diverse sectors and operating in
any region in B.C.

Strong connection to BC

We look for companies growing quality jobs and driving economic benefits to B.C., which may include developing intellectual property or advancing research and development.

Readiness for Growth

We seek companies that are prepared for the next big step, with customer traction and some revenue and a solid plan for using the investment to accelerate growth.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks

We assess performance related to DEI and ESG or the company’s roadmap for developing and implementing ESG and DEI practices, and the integration of these practices within their risk management framework.

*N.B. meeting criteria does not guarantee an investment

For more details of our approach and criteria, see our investment strategy, impact objectives and
frequently asked questions.

What InBC Does NOT Offer

  • Direct investment into seed stage companies
  • Grants
  • Loan guarantees or government guarantees
  • Investments in infrastructure projects or real estate
  • Short-term financing

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